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Learn To Play Blues Guitar

Here is another web site that will be helpful for you if you are interested in learning How to play blues guitar

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One of the main characteristics of the Blues has to do with its slightly imprecise pitches when it comes to a couple of notes. Usually the 3rd and 5th notes of the blues scale are usually slightly altered by bending the strings of the guitar just enough to to get the correct effect.  The 3rd is usually bent slightly sharp to give it the full blues tone.
The guitar is very unique in this sense because it gives the musician the ability to alter the pitch of certain notes at will.  String bending, either up or down, is a way to add emphasis, feeling and "blues" to a scale and it also can be used to vary the pitch if necessary.  There are few instruments that offer this type of pitch altering flexibility.  Therefore the guitar is one of the best instruments for playing the blues in its true blues form. 

Check out HOW TO PLAY BLUES GUITAR for more insightful tips on playing the blues. 

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Natural Minor

Natural Minor
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