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try the Natural Minor Scale

Here is an example of a natural minor scale that you can start anywhere on the neck of your guitar. Learning to play the guitar takes practice and learning the natural minor scale is a great way to start.  This will build your finger strength and give you a great foundation to improvise as you improve.  Minor scales are used over and over again by rock and blues guitar players.  Your creativity is the only thing that can limit you when using a minor scale.  The better you become at playing the minor scale the more you can teach yourself different licks and riffs that will be original.  You do not have to copy anyone to be a great guitar player.  If you can use the minor scale to create original licks and leads you are on your way to being a great guitar player.
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learning to play the guitar: hardest thing is getting started

Once you decide to learn the guitar, your biggest hurdle will be figuring out how to get started.  If you want to teach yourself or learn on line there are many different and excellent methods for you to learn to play the guitar.

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Natural Minor

Natural Minor
Major and Minor Scale Patterns