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Get Better at Guitar by Practcing Scales that improve your finger dexterity

The Pentatonic Scales in the minor form are the most commonly used scales in rock and blues music. The "enhanced" version of the minor pentatonic scale is the staple of the Blues. This "Blues" Scale adds the Flat 5th note to increase the melodic sound and versatility. This version of the scale is much more fluid and flowing and easier to manage while fitting notes into the overall melody. The Flat Five note is often referred to as the Blues Note and if you play the standard version of the minor pentatonic and then play the minor pentatonic blues scale you can easily recognize the Blues sound.

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If you practice this scale with a 12 barre blues backing track you will be able to create the unique blues sound. Try to emphasize the most melodic sounding notes the most as you hold and sustain them for emphasis and phrasing. Blues playing is all about the feeling you can express through the fretboard. You can emote through the music as you learn the proper placement and timing of your string bends and held notes. Practicing the Pentatonic Scales with the added blue note will be very beneficial to your guitar playing skills. Keep expanding your knowledge and you will get better everyday.

Even if you are already a very skilled guitar player you can find new tips and tricks to improve your playing.  Continual search for musical knowledge is the best way to become more professional and more skilled as a guitar player.  Make the effort to apply everything you learn in your practice as soon as you can and then keep it in your practice sessions daily until you have mastered the new technique or new riff.  Visit the previous post for the full version of the Pentatonic scales that is great for practice.

Natural Minor

Natural Minor
Major and Minor Scale Patterns