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Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar? which is better for beginners?

I have seen people asking the question whether it is better to learn to play the guitar on the acoustic or the electric.  It is obvious question for people just starting out but it is not extremely important.  All you really want to do is start playing with whatever guitar you can get your hands on.  If your older sibling played the guitar for a while and no longer used their guitar you might want to start there.  You can also buy new guitars very inexpensively today and some of them perform very well.  For a few hundred dollars you can get setup with an acoustic or electric guitar that will be perfect for beginners.  You do not want to buy the cheapest guitar you can find because it will be too difficult to play and the sounds quality will be poor.  However, you can get an entire setup with a small amplifier, guitar and case for under $300 at one of the major guitar stores. 

I was fortunate enough to have an old guitar hiding in the closet that hadn’t been touched in years.  If you have an old guitar it is likely to need some tune-up by someone who is experienced in guitar repair or who is knowledgeable about guitars.  The very least you will need is to have the strings changed and the guitar tuned up.  Hopefully you will have a solid guitar that will serve you well for many years.  Often the older guitars are made use.  much better than today’s models.  These older guitars can also produce some excellent sound.  I still have the first guitar I took out of the closet.  It has been over 30 years and it still plays and sounds great.  The guitar is now at least 35 years old. 

Once you have your guitar set up and you can start learning to play you will have to determine what teaching method you want to use.  There are so many ways to learn you have to pick one to start.   You can always learn something from different methods but you it is a good idea to pick one in the beginning.  For example you could just want to start off by learning barre chords and master those before you move on to something else.  You decide to play classical guitar and learn to read music and charts.  If you want to play rock and roll most likely you will need to learn barre chords, play some by ear, learn to read tablature and possible even how to read standard from notation.  

Tablature and technology has made it a bit easier to learn songs these days.  You can find the chords and notes to just about any song in tab form.  The Internet has been a great learning tool for guitar players.  No longer do you have to sit for hours and hours listening to records trying to learn a few notes by ear.  Having a good ear is important and will come to you more and more as you play, but you can learn just about anything on the guitar now without having to play by ear or read music.  There are also cool IPad applications that can help you slow down the notes to a song so it is easier to hear the guitar parts when playing by ear.  

It doesn't really matter what kind of a guitar you play.  You just need to get one, get it fixed up and start jamming.  The Internet countless articles and videos on how to play the guitar, how to practice guitar, how to play by ear and how to tune your guitar.  The list is endless so don't worry whether you are going to start on electric or acoustic guitar.  All you have to do is get started and later you can add to your guitar collection.  In the long run you will likely want to have both styles of guitar.

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