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Finger Dexterity practice technique video

Finger dexterity for the guitar is achieved by continued, consistent practice while doing different exercises to stretch and strengthen your hand and fingers.  This next video is of an exercise that I believe is one of the absolute best possible that can be used for over all finger dexterity and strength.

You use your first three fingers only with a stretch between your index and middle finger.  The exercise consists of 9 notes on the bottom three strings staring on the G string.  For example if you start on the the 3rd fret of the g string with your index finger you will then place your middle finger on the 5th fret and your ring finger on the 6th fret.  Start with alternate picking and repeat the same fingering on the b and e strings.  You can then work your way back up to the starting point.  Start slowly and increase the speed as your technique allows.

In order to get the maximum benefit of this exercise you will want to work toward using the hammer on and pull off technique that will have you pick each string only once for all 3 notes.  If you can do this on your acoustic guitar you will have developed excellent finger dexterity and strength that will enhance your playing tremendously.  It is not easy to master this exercise but it can be done with practice.

Move the exercise up two frets and repeat.  Move up the neck as far as you can jumping two frets at a time and then work your way back to the starting point.  At first you will have difficulty with the hammer on and pull off technique so be patient and work on strengthening your hand while picking each note and eventually you will be able to master the hammer on and pull of version.  

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Natural Minor
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