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Finger Dexterity : building speed through technique and repetition

Finger dexterity will be improved through persistent repetition of the exercises you learn.  If you are trying to improve your speed you must practice more.  You have to have a specific program for increasing your fingering speed as well as one that will help you improve your technique.  You can never have great speed on the fret board without excellent technique.  The cool thing about improving your technique is that it will also improve your speed.  As your technique improves, your finger strength will increase also.  This increase in strength and improved technique allows you to play faster and to move around the fret board more smoothly.

Here is a Finger Dexterity Tip for Guitar Players Click Here
Finger dexterity is made up of two parts:  finger strength and finger agility.  If you have good finger strength it will be easier to have better agility.  Once you master these two parts you then well be free to concentrate on the accuracy of your playing.  If you get fast with sloppy technique or end up with poor accuracy you will be limited to playing your electric guitar with massive distortion.  If you ever have a chance to play an acoustic gig you will be out of luck because you will never be able to pull it off.  It really is a good idea to practice on your acoustic guitar when you are doing your finger dexterity exercises because it will increase your finger strength more quickly and keep your technique sharp.

Here is a video with a couple of exercises you can do to increase your finger dexterity. 

Natural Minor

Natural Minor
Major and Minor Scale Patterns