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Finger Dexterity and Benefits of Finger dexterity exercises

If you want to keep your finger dexterity  you must do finger dexterity exercises as you get older.  It is just like any other muscle group in your body.  If you fail to stretch and exercise the muscles in your hands and fingers your dexterity will decline as will your hand and finger strength

One of the easiest ways to keep your finger dexterity and strength by using the Grip Master that you see pictured to the right.  It has separate springs individual buttons so you can exercise each finger individually.  It is different from the standard grip exercisers you have scene on the market for years had you squeeze all of your fingers at once.  This is much better for musicians who play instruments that need finger dexterity for playing the guitar and or the bass. 

The Planet Waves Varigrip is also good for exercising your fingers individually. 

Both of these tools can help your finger dexterity but the best way to develop your finger speed and agility is to play scales, especially if you are a guitar player.  The repetition of scales and variations of those scales is the key to becoming a skilled guitar player.  There are no shortcuts and you have to be dedicated to your craft and practice daily to make progress.  You will be training your brain as well as your fingers so you will improving brain and finger dexterity. 

Natural Minor

Natural Minor
Major and Minor Scale Patterns