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Finger Exercises and Finger Dexterity for blues scales

Everyone can do something to improve their finger dexterity by using finger exercises or finger dexterity exercises for guitar.  I suppose you could call them guitar exercises as well but just assume all of these exercises or terms I mention are usually referring to guitar exercises

I have no doubt that strong hands and fingers helps a guitar player with their technique.  But what really makes for rapid improvement and lifetime sustainable technical skill is the continued guitar exercise of scale repetition.  The scale repetition exercises are vital to becoming a better player technically and for increase your shredding speed. 

There are neurological studies that have recorded just how our brains change as we learn new things through repetition.  It also can explain why learning something new and using it for a long enough time can influence the growth of our brain.  It explains why people use the phrase "it is just like riding a bike."  Everyone knows this phrase because people say it when they are trying to do something they have not done in a long time but used to have some level of mastery at it in the past. 

Well many things are "just like riding a bike" and finger exercises and guitar exercises tend to have the same impact on our brain.  If you do thousands of repetitions for your finger dexterity exercises as a teenager and never touch a guitar throughout your 20s, you will be able to much more quickly take up the guitar and improve your technique than if you had learned blues scales in high school but only practiced them a few times. 

Why?  Because your brain has been rewired to have mastery of finger dexterity and guitar scales.  It is like riding a bike and all you have to do is build up a little endurance and you will be shredding like days of old. 

This is important for people to understand because it makes sense to learn self discipline at younger age so you can "grow your brain" and increase your options for learning at an older age.  You can become good at many things this way and increase your brain capacity and put all your skill on hold for many years until you have decided what you really want to to do with your life.  You can go back to any skill you mastered before and once again in a short time become a master again. 

If you wish to be the master of finger dexterity you can do that easily with guitar exercises and repetition of scales. You can also know that it will be forever in your skill set and it can be pulled out of the bag in a very short time. 

Keep practicing those scales and increasing your finger dexterity with any guitar exercises you can find that you believe are useful.

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Natural Minor
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