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Picking hand speed to increase finger dexterity

It is important to learn alternate picking when you are practicing  to increase your finger dexterity.  Alternate picking is a technique that should be used when working on scales. 

You can start by picking down then up and starting over on each string as you move down from the top guitar string.  Once you have mastered this method you will want to move to alternate picking for every note.  This means one note you pick down and the following not is an up pick.  You do not start over with each string.  You just alternate up and down picking every other note regardless of the string.  So sometime you will be hitting the next sting down with and up pick and sometimes you will be hitting it with an up pick.  Start out slow and practice to get the feel before increasing your speed.

You will now have two things to concentrate on when you are playing.  However this will help your finger dexterity as well.  The coordination needed for alternate picking will help both hands in the long run. 

Look for a video on alternate picking over that I will post over the weekend. 

Natural Minor

Natural Minor
Major and Minor Scale Patterns