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Finger Dexterity and Finger Strength improved by playing scales

Finger dexterity is something you can improve over time with practice and repetition.  Your fingers have muscles just like the rest of your body and you can increase your finger strength which will increase your finger dexterity by exercise.  Just like lifting weights or doing pull ups to increase the strength of your biceps, doing scales in a repetitive manner you will improve your hand and finger strength and this will help your guitar playing. 

The strength of your hands and fingers are the key ingredients to good finger dexterity.  If you don't build up good finger strength and good finger dexterity your guitar playing will be limited to a few chords.  But don't worry it is possible to increase your hand and finger strength in order to improve your guitar playing.  The blazing fingers of great musicians are not just results of natural ability.   Practice, practice and more practice will give you the edge you need to improve your fret board skill and mastery of the guitar. 

If you have small hands or large hands, long fingers or short fingers, you can improve your finger dexterity by repetition.  Repeating scales all over the fret board in a series of sets is like pumping iron with your fingers. 

Start with a simple routine and put in your time daily.  Every day you will get closer and closer to your goal of amazing finger dexterity. 

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Natural Minor

Natural Minor
Major and Minor Scale Patterns