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Finger Dexterity and Accuracy

Here is an exercise that I have found most helpful for improving finger dexterity and accuracy. It calls for a long stretch over 5 frets using you index, middle and pinkie finger in a three note sequence changing strings with each finger.


This exercise increases finger strength as well as muscle memory. It also calls on you to have great technique in order to hit the strings clearly. Your finger dexterity will be increased naturally as your accuracy improves. Concentrate on keeping your pinkie finger directly on the note to be played while keeping the rest of your finger off of the strings.

Often the weakest link in building finger strength is the pinkie. It is not used for a lot of other things the way your index finger is used and it takes special effort to gain the dexterity needed to play great scales using all four of your fingers.

It is vital to become a great guitar player to have great strength in all four fingers. It will benefit your sound and your playing in the long run. Don't make the mistake of many guitar players by taking the easy way and rely on shifting your hand to allow for use of only 3 fingers. If you get too used to playing across only 3 frets you will limit your ability to improvise and smoothness.

The importance of finger dexterity can not be under emphasized.

Another variation of this 3 fret stretch is as follows:

___3_____________________________7____Repeat 5 times

This exercise give a funky sound and is fun to play. Again emphasize technique keeping your pinkie above he strings. Your brain will naturally help you become more accurate with your picking hand as your practice.

Remember, Finger dexterity is the key to great guitar playing. With it you can never be free to put your soul into your playing. It is just like anything else. Everything is usually difficult before it becomes natural and if you have the self discipline to practice daily to increase your finger dexterity you will reap the rewards of your hard work.

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Natural Minor
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