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Guitar: stretch and strengthen your fingers

Here are a few easy tips to build speed and finger dexterity on the guitar fret board

1.  Stretch your hand using your index, middle and pinkie finger by putting your index finger on fret 3 then skip a fret and put your middle finger on fret 5 and your pinkie finger on fret 7.  This will extend your reach and improve your strength if you start on the lowE string and work down the neck and back up again. 

It might be a little painful and you hand will cramp but do it until it burns and then rest a minute and do it again.  Try it for 5 sets and work on good technique as you move from string to string to string.  Good technique is hitting one string with each finger and make a clear tone without muffling. 

For those of you who want to take this up a notch do it on your acoustic guitar with acoustic light gauge strings.  It will really test your finger dexterity and strength.  If you want excellent finger dexterity practice daily with your acoustic guitar and not just the electric.  If you want to be great you have to be able to jam on your acoustic with out the aid of distortion or increased volume.  One of the fastest ways to fizzle is to learn everything on the electric guitar with light gauge strings later to realize you are not really playing with good technique.  The audience will see right through your tactics when it comes time play an acoustic set.  Don't let it happen to you. 

Natural Minor

Natural Minor
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